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To insure or not to insure? That is the question.

A very important consideration during the planning phase for an international shipment, whether by air, ocean or road, is insurance. All carriers in the supply chain operate under limited liability, a liability that more often than not will fall significantly short of the full shipment value.

For goods sent by sea there is the added complication of General Average where following an incident the shipping line can claim a proportion of the vessel damage from surviving cargo. An insured shipment in this instance however does not require a cash deposit before release at destination. Further detail through the following link: Freight Aid - General Average, What is it.

Assuming the shipment value or other factors dictate that insurance is a necessity the next question is whether to self-insure, accept (full or partial transit) supplier insurance arrangements or insure the complete supply chain through a third party such as Air & Cargo Services.

Should you consider that end to end supply chain insurance is a pre-requisite or even an option and will provide peace of mind throughout each element of the international transit please consider the comprehensive insurance product offered by Air & Cargo Services.

Don’t hesitate, request your bespoke insurance quotation NOW!

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